Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Superman/Wonder Woman #4

"What Any Man Would Do"

Charles Soule Writer
Tony S. Daniel Pencils
Batt and Sandu Florea (pg. 1) Inks
Tomeu Morey Colors
Carlos M. Mangual Letters
Rickey Purdin Associate Editor
Eddie Berganza Group Editor
Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster by arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family
Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston

The cover is by Daniel and Batt with Morey, and I really enjoy the coloring and basic pose of everything. However, showing the glass shattering on a photo frame to me implies that the relationship has broken up, not merely been exposed. Oh well, that's a real nit-picky problem with an otherwise good cover.

I wish this issue provided a few clues so I could know for sure whether it occurred before or after Trinity War and Forever Evil. For simplicity's sake, I'm just going to say it happened before all that. This issue is evenly split between two stories, and the first story involves General Zod fighting Superman in the Fortress of Solitude and freeing Faora from the Phantom Zone. But the Flash isn't in that story at all, so I'll move right on to the second story.

"The Blog Read Around the World"

Charles Soule Writer
Paulo Siqueira Pencils
Hi-Fi Inks and Colors
Carlos M. Mangual Letters
Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster by arrangement with the Jerry Siegel family
Wonder Woman created by William Moulton Marston

So Clark Kent is currently working on an independent news blog with Cat Grant, and one day, an anonymous source sent Cat a flash drive with irrefutable proof that Superman and Wonder Woman are dating. Cat ran the story, and it instantly went viral. We then get a fun little montage of basically everybody in the DC Universe reacting to this news.

Clark is naturally quite concerned about who this anonymous source might be, but Cat is too thrilled with their blog's burst in popularity to be worried.

The Good:

Barry and Hal together again. The timing of this is confusing, since Hal Jordan left the Justice League a long time ago, but as we saw in The Flash Annual #2, he does occasionally take time out of his busy Green Lantern schedule to pay a visit to his old friend, the Flash. I assume this is taking place during one of these visits. And I really love that he brought up the "dibs" thing, which happened way back in the first few issues of Justice League, and was something that had been on my mind since Superman started dating Wonder Woman. This little exchange between Hal and Barry was perfect, and really makes me crave more stories with those two. Couldn't DC give us a Brave and the Bold title for Flash and Green Lantern?

The Bad:

Very little Flash. That one side-shot of his head is all we got, and that's not enough to recommend to Flash fans out there. If you haven't been reading Superman/Wonder Woman, then you'd be quite confused with all the Zod stuff. But Tony S. Daniel's art is always very good, and Charles Soule is proving himself to be a top-notch comic book writer. So you probably should check out this series, just not for the Flash.

Final score: 5 out of 10

Next time: I begin Brian Buccellato's final three issues of The Flash, starting with issue #27.

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