Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Green Lantern Corps #37

Godhead Act III, Part II: Transfiguration

Writer: Van Jensen
Artists: Bernard Chang & Mirko Colak
Colorists: Marcelo Maiolo & Tony Avina
Letterer: Dave Sharpe
Cover: Bernard Chang & Marcelo Maiolo
Associate Editor: Darren Shan
Group Editor: Matt Idelson

I didn't understand this cover until I read the issue. Apparently, Highfather has discovered the Life Equation, and is using it to basically transform the Green Lanterns into his slaves for his upcoming war against Darkseid. But the transformation process doesn't involve this weird little chamber thing — Highfather just blasts them with his staff.

Since I'm coming into the story right in the middle, and the image of the Flash is only shown in two quick panels, I'm going to give a very brief plot summary. The crux of this issue centers on John Stewart and Sinestro being captured and brought before Highfather. Before he brainwashes them, he reveals his plan to travel to Earth and take control of the Justice League to help him defeat Darkseid.

But one of Highfather's generals thinks his leader has become a tyrant, so he rescues John Stewart and Sinestro. And ... yeah, I guess that's really all I have to say about this issue.

The Good:

This certainly is an intriguing concept, and I might have to sit down and read the whole Godhead storyline one day. I really wish Highfather would have made it to Earth and attempted to control the Justice League. Even though we just had the League get taken over by the Joker and the Amazo Virus, I think Highfather would have proven a more worthy and interesting villain. And imagine the weight this story would have had if it crossed over with the Justice League!

The Bad:

Little to no Flash. I guess my biggest complaint with this issue — and by extension, the whole event — is that it presented this really cool plan to take over the Justice League, and then didn't deliver it. That story certainly would have been better than the Amazo Virus, and possibly even better than Forever Evil.

Final score: 4 out of 10

Next time, we finally, finally get back to the main series with The Flash #33. I had to save all the Flash issues together at the end, since virtually none of the other DC titles referenced the major changes Flash goes through in the next nine issues.

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